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TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean

Engage with TOPIK Typing Exercises

Immerse yourself in TOPIK typing challenges. Hancom Taja provides words, short sentences, and long sentences by level that you need to know for TOPIK in a fun and engaging way.
Click Here & Practice TOPIK You can access TOPIK by clicking on the Quick menu on the right of the page.

Practice Key Positions

Mastering keyboard positions forms the cornerstone of proficient typing. Try to memorize the Korean keyboard layout while employing the proper fingering technique.

Boost Your TOPIK Vocabulary

Enhancing your vocabulary is crucial for acing the TOPIK exam. Focus on learning and using a wide range of words commonly found in daily life and academic contexts.

Master Korean Key Expressions

TOPIK tests not only vocabulary but also the ability to understand and use common expressions. Raise your typing skills and get familiar with proverbs and essential expressions.

Enjoy TOPIK Crush Saga

TOPIK Crush Saga offers two levels of difficulty as TOPIK does. Select the level of word typing game that suits your skills. Challenge yourself by identifying and typing key words for each level, testing both your comprehension and typing speed.
What is TOPIK? TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test administered by the National Institute for International Education under the Ministry of Education. It aims to guide Korean language learning and expand its reach among overseas Koreans and foreigners whose native language is not Korean. Many foreigners take the TOPIK test to learn Korean or to gain admission to universities in Korea and work at Korea-related companies.
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