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Hancom Taja recommended to EVERYONE

Improve your typing skills

You can develop your typing skills step by step from the basics through ‘Typing practice’.
Go through the practice steps of a total of 7 sections, from ‘Base position keys’ to ‘All position keys’ and find yourself becoming familiar with the keyboard.
For details, please refer to here.
Hancome Taja is one of the best tools to develop your typing skills with fun.
Word practice helps you learn various words and improve your agility.

Release tension and fight boredom through typing games

You can make the most of your leisure time with ‘Word Crush Saga’ and other exciting and inspiring games. Improve your agility and have fun with typing games!
For details, please refer to here.
Word Crush Saga falls into a Tetris genre. Don't miss this fun and inspiring game!
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