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Key combinations may differ at extreme typing speed

Key combinations may not work properly when typing keys at a speed similar to that of a shorthand typist.
Hancom Taja processes the input keys one by one to combine letters. If a key is typed before the combination of one letter is completed, some letters may be combined differently from the key input sequence.
Hancom Taja is a learning-based service for general users to help them get familiar with key locations and improve their typing skills.
Hancom Taja is designed for general users so the typing speed and usage environment may not meet the expectation of the high speed typist like a shorthand typist.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to high-speed typists. We will find a solution for high-speed typists and announce it again later.
Minimum Specifications for General Users - System: 64-bit operating system - Installed RAM: 4GB - Graphics: WebGL 2.0/OpenGL ES 3.0 Support - Processor: Dual-core Intel/AMD CPU - Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera